After exceeding the first 7 (seven) years of the commencement of teaching and learning activities, the Global Islamic Boarding School (GIBS) has never stopped renewing its strategy and managing and developing its programs so that these educational institutions not only produce students who excel and are noble, but also able to have a positive self-concept of life and their role in that life.

Himmah Program

For one and a half months, new GIBS students will attend an orientation period that is intended for students to practice themselves as learners and to adjust to boarding life. They will also be equipped with basic skills in the fields of mathematics, literacy and foreign languages.

Hijrah/Immersion Program

GIBS students will have the opportunity to experience learning in other countries such as Malaysia or Australia. They will engage in classroom learning, attend sessions with speakers from the destination country, and interact with fellow students in the country.

Community Based Project

CBP is a community of students accompanied by teachers to encourage community social movements. This community is intended to foster an attitude of empathy for students with fellow human beings and then think about efforts that students can make to help them according to their capacity. This program handles several aspects, namely education, environment, economy, etc.

Allumny Support Network

The program, which aims to provide support and attention to GIBS alumni, prepares them more mature to face the post-college world, and continues to encourage their achievements during the study period.

Special Education Services

Special programs to facilitate students who need extra guidance to pursue underachieved understanding while in class, unsatisfactory academic performance, even for students with special needs.